• Power is relative, love is not
    The moon cold, the sun hot
    I am neither here nor there
    For I live everywhere
    I can fly
    Be it on wings or otherwise
    Forever to live and never to die
    Love is the ultimate power for a guy
    It’s neither weak of heart nor overpowering
    It is kind and gentle yet can break the bonds on my heart
    But none have been able to do just that
    I am loveless, helpless, and confused
    I have not met my significant other, nor have I loved
    Anyone without restraint
    I have had close friends
    But never any better than that
    For I have not broken the bonds on my heart.
    I live to see a day when men can be faithful to what they believe until the true love comes to pass,
    For I have loved and lost never to see again, my first true feeling of the love growing inside,
    My one purpose to seek the truth, so far, failed,
    Maybe to come to fruition someday.