• I sit in the cold
    I watch in pain
    The silver droplets that fall
    And call themselves rain

    I stand in the corner
    I'm silent, I'm alone
    Everyone is watching
    I want to go home

    My eyes leak sadness
    My heart feels sorrow
    When will that day come
    The one called tomarrow

    They stand in there lines
    They stand dressed in black
    The soilders, they beat us
    They took all that we had

    Some go into rooms
    They never come out
    Most hopes for living
    Are shrowded by doubt

    They took my family
    And I've come to learn
    What they ment when they said
    It would soon be my turn

    I stare into darkness
    I cover my ears
    The lies and the screams
    I don't want to hear

    The iron door opens
    The air is so stale
    The sun burns our skin
    That's grown to be pale

    They lead us in groups
    They lead us through halls
    The soilders so big
    Make us feel so small

    We pass by the others
    They're faces so cold
    They tell us in silence
    "Your lives have been sold"

    We near the big rooms
    Our fates are all set
    It's sad when they say
    "You deserve what you get"

    I am standing in a line
    I am all dressed in black
    We're about to go in
    And we're not coming back