• the silence in the cafe pressed upon my ears
    the only sound that could be heard was the soft ticking of the clock
    It was a quiet winter night
    i was freezing
    the air condition was always set to below sixty..
    i craved the sun, but only received the moon.
    i was a contradiction.
    numb with cold, but able to feel.
    A boy sat at a table in the farthest corner, reading.
    Always the same boy
    Never the words i longed to hear.
    he read to escape the harsh reality of the world.
    I escaped in a different way.
    You withdaw into yourself.
    You can still smell the coffee beans, feel the p***k of a needle.
    You get high but get nothing.
    When someone hurts you beyond imaginable pain, you feel it.
    When they leave, its worse.
    and then youre cold.
    Ice slides through my veins.
    I walk over to the boy.
    "the cafe closes in 5 minutes" i said.
    He met my gaze. "I know."
    His eyes were a piercing green, and intense.
    I stare at the empty seat across from him, uncertain.
    He was capable of contradiction too.
    There was an unspoken invitation, yet there wasnt one.
    A brief moment of hesitation, and then,
    I sat down.
    I asked him a question. He answered. I asked him another. He answered again.
    We sat there until dawn, talking together.
    The sun rose above the horizon.
    By then, i didn't need it.
    I was warm.