• The clock is ticking and the pendulum is swaying and with each sway and tick, my heart beats unevenly in it's unhealthy little chest jumping every petty little noise. Each second I could bear to live through brought me closer to my death and the stealthy grasp of fate. Fate could snatch you from your life and other's without a single sound. That much I can comprehend with an unreal clarity, and it clouded my life with fear and paranoia...I am scared. The most frightening thing is not knowing what you fear.
    Sooner or later, fate will have me in it's tight embrace, suffocating my airways and veiling the world with a dark foreboding fabric. Why is the clock ticking? it's ornate features always casting a mocking smile in my direction. To bring me closer to my death... the world I know is out to get me. I can't skip over death with an impish grin on my face every time I've been lured into its cave of shadows and regret. As for who set the pendelum in motion, I guess you could say it was I, always living a second too long