• What makes the heart keep on going?
    The soul, the people, why does the blood keep flowing?
    This question is asked every single day,
    My heart is kept alive by one single way.

    Every day I see her my heart feels like it jumps,
    Every single part of my body gets goosebumps.
    I love the way she talks, and I love the way she acts,
    I love her with all my heart and thats a true fact.

    She is the one that keeps my heart going,
    My love for her just keeps on growing.
    I wont give her up unless she wants me to,
    Even then I'd fight for her cause she is my boo.

    Something happened that made her really scared,
    My heart was reacting in a weird way, I wasn't prepared.
    She didn't know but her thought got me through it,
    My love for her is too strong to leave, even for a moment.

    I just wanna let everyone who knows what happened to me that im ok. i was taken to the hospital yesterday and im fine now just have the energy drained outta me. its no ones fault ok, so ed sean and jessenia dont blame yourselves.