• Nature,
    What is it?
    I'm actually not that sure,
    But I think this mght fit:

    Nature is a home,
    An abode if u please.
    A place without computers or a mobile phone,
    Just many animals and trees.

    It is so calming,
    Yet so peaceful.
    Let's all enjoy this wonderful thing,
    Mysterious yet calmingful.

    But humans interrupt,
    This place we call nature.
    No doubt,
    The future of nature is not secure.

    So let's all do our part,
    And contribute.
    With our warm heart,
    We can end this fude.

    Do not forget, L.M.N.
    L for Love and compassion,
    M for Mother's love with no end,
    And N for Nature's Nation.

    Or for short,
    Love Mother Nature.
    Do not abort,
    This mission of keeping the nature's future secure.