• Why is he getting all mad,
    it was only a mistake.
    why does he have to beat her
    across the face.
    I wish someone
    would have answered her prayers,
    but shes helpless
    'cause no one cares.
    She's bruised and blistered
    with the pain of her beatings.
    I never knew
    this would stop her from leaving.
    I never knew
    this would keep on repeating.
    But i knew
    this would stop her from succeeding,
    And now that shes bloody and broken and gone.
    now that no one will miss her for long.
    I noticed these actions and all that remains
    Is a whisper from the grave
    And I thought
    I thought to myself
    What a world we live in
    But every life is worth more then anything you could ever buy
    And I thought
    Thought to myself
    What a world full of war
    Wheres the peace
    The peace is near to no where
    Then I thought that there was nothing to hang onto
    'Cause you'll only get beat down at the end
    Like her here and there
    and she tried to get up but she cant because he hurt her to bad
    and he just stood there and stared as she cried.
    and while the angels try to bring her from death,
    the real world never noticed she died.