• the day that i met you
    i thought you were great
    i didnt know what to do
    i knew that you i would not hate

    we talked an we danced
    i looked in your eyes
    and fell to a trance
    it was more clear then the skys

    i had fallen for you
    you were mine
    it was so very true
    i love you was my line

    we were together for ever
    untill one depressing moment
    you thought you were clever
    and you had your enjoyment

    i saw you kissing her
    and i fell to depression
    and i knew u were a stupid cur
    that moment drained my obsession

    so then i ran home
    and i found a gun
    now a new life to roam
    my friend it wasnt fun

    now i am dead
    an u read my single note
    and the note had read
    "i guess i wasnt good enough"

    an now there my ghost is sittigng in tree by your house under the moon wishing i had you back