• Many, many years ago
    A quilt was made for me,
    By our mother or your grandmother
    I used it for a spread,
    A blanket,
    A playtent for Kristy.
    Through the years and years of use
    It became faded and worn,
    I folded it,
    Placed it on the closet shelf,
    Washed and dryed it,
    Place it upon the kitchen floor.
    I chose two blocks for me,
    Two blocks for you.
    From the blocks I made some angels
    One for me,
    One for you.
    Place your angel on the wall,
    On a shelf,
    Or atop your Christmas tree.
    But please not on a closet shelf.
    Where ever you place her,
    Not the one
    Who made the angel
    But the hands that stitched the quilt
    Many, many years ago.