• Dead grass in the yards,
    Children’s toys, broken and bent.
    Pot holes, dumps in the road.

    Our old truck, up on blocks
    Sitting in the backyard,
    Covered in vines and rust.

    People argued late into the night.
    Gun shots and smashing bottle,
    Cop cars woke us up.

    Broken glass and blood on the floor
    As my sister helping me through the window
    Yelling “get someone from next door”

    That's what I remember the most.

    We were scared sometimes,
    But back then it didn’t matter.
    We didn’t care about
    The small house falling apart,
    The food stamps that barely got us by,
    The fact we had no money.

    But you cared.
    You wanted better for us.

    I remember you working until morning.
    You told me it was so that one day soon,
    We would have more.

    You wanted for us what you never had;
    A home.
    An education.
    Somewhere to feel safe.

    And now, thanks to you, we have that.