• You didn't try,
    and yet I would cry.
    From tears I shed,
    and skin that bled.

    Did you know?
    Low is every where I go.
    Try and stop me,
    Yeah right you won't.

    Because my sweet angel,
    you never truely cared.
    To you I had bared...all
    Like the air you let me fall.

    I wonder if you knew.
    After all the words I said.
    You were truely dead.
    Never right nor wrong.

    To only you did sense I make,
    yet you carry on hearts you take.
    Loves lost in your hands.
    Mangled like the sand.

    Whispers never heard.
    Let it all fly like the birds.
    The ones we watched.
    At the begining of our story.

    In meadows so green.
    On you I could never lean.
    It was all ok, till the sky turned gray.
    Then you saw, my secret law.

    Words scribled
    in flesh so raw
    how wrong am i now
    for to you i bow
    a slave to the words
    scripted in pure black
    now is never for there is no attack

    So, do you understand?
    The things i say today,
    are words that should have been said in the past.
    The toture forever to last.