• You look me in the eyes and I quickly glance down. I look back up and you’re still looking at me. I look into you eyes. Your beautiful blue eyes. And I blush and I see you laugh and shake your head.

    The next day is different. I try saying hi to you, but you look at me and walk away. I'm hurt. So I sit outside on the grass reading my book. I read about how people fall in love with monsters. And I think. Am I a monster? My friend comes and sits beside me and asks what’s wrong. But I ignore her. I look back as she stutters my name. She looks down at the grass and I see a tear stroll down her cheek. And that’s when I realized. I'm no different then the girl with blue eyes. I am a monster. I drop my book and sit beside her. She hugs me, and I'm shocked. I freeze. But then I hug her back. She looks up at me and says “I love you.” I look her in the eyes and say “I love you too”.