• The sound that went around the world,
    Its silence was so deafening.
    That day, they have, our story told
    Their hatred is never ending

    Many say it’s just a day
    To them it could never be real.
    Then crying in sadness we say,
    “It is sorrow you cannot feel.”

    We saw many people dying,
    Seeing both the towers tumble.
    Into them, the planes went flying,
    Our hearts beginning to crumble.

    The day we will never forget,
    Because it was so horrible.
    We stood still that very moment
    Our pain was every visible.

    The horrors that we saw that day,
    A moment that will never die.
    Although it has faded away,
    We still sit back and give a sigh.

    Today we remember the dead,
    Honoring them, our flag held high.
    They are our heroes, we have said,
    Reminded of their very last flight.

    It was not very long ago,
    Seven years that were spent crying.
    Our saddened spirits were so low,
    Seeing all the people dying.