• Love is worthless.
    Nobody is really comitted to it.
    I can't fall for that crap anymore.

    No one to depend on
    But yourself.
    Leaving you lonely.

    Stupid words they never mean.
    Fights over little things.
    It's just messed up.

    I can't find reason.
    I can't find truth.
    It's all lies.

    You think you can fix it
    But you can't.
    So don't even try.

    They say follow your heart
    But that's a load of crap.
    Don't listen to your stupid heart.

    Listen to your mind.
    If it says danger
    Then get the hell away!

    You'll only end up heartbroken
    Until another tease comes along
    To break you like the last one.

    You feel stupid, beginning to set boundaries
    But pulling them down as soon
    As someone tells you they love you.

    It's pathetic what we do for "love".
    All the confessions and pleading
    It's sad and worthless.