• Bundle up my whole style is so cold
    I glow like old guys who go bald
    My flow got no front in the vocal
    Your flow got no button its so old

    I don't mean to sound like a showboat
    But it's true my persona's no joke
    I stepped into some kinda portal
    I'm legend and sometimes I'm noble

    I'm from the most risky zone - oh
    No place is more shifty global
    More pistols, Russian revolvers
    We shootin' all that is normal

    But it ain't just because we want to
    We ain't got nowhere we can run to
    Somebody please press the undo
    They only teach us the things that guns do

    They don't teach us the ABCs
    We play on the hard concrete
    All we got is life on the streets
    All we got is life on the streets

    (Chubb Rock)
    Rock, you know my era
    B-boy seasoning, salt -n- pepa
    Grown and sexy, come with the extra
    Crushed up linen, fly like sess-a
    This type brew I gave it birth
    Now it's time again to give it a verse
    Jamaican born, not a fan of the ganja
    ______ Brooklyn to Somalia
    And it goes in the background
    Playa, that is my sound
    The green doesn't symbolize I made it on the top
    Pioneer legend, and they call me Mr. Rock
    No B word or N word, I don't need those words (no)
    Respect for hers
    The game dried up, so we come with the grease
    Leadin' ya right and treatin' ya right, so peace


    Superman is known by the locals
    As this dude who's so fly it's global
    Attitude that came outta struggle
    Destitute but I make it hopeful

    You real, but my real is tenfold
    My real'll make yours a rental
    Gangsta if at ease, essential
    Fight with guns or utensils

    So bold nothin's confidential
    Breakfast was not continental
    And lunch could not compliment all
    We still become competent souls

    These streets ain't paved with no gold
    Matter fact someone stole the light bulb
    Nobody fat enough for lypo
    They don't teach us to read and write, so...