• "Deeper and Deeper,"
    They say in my mind.
    "Cut even more deeper,
    There isn’t much time."

    I’m Not Sure If I’m, ready,
    To let it all go.
    Though nobody loves me,
    This one fact I know.

    I do hate this world,
    I hate everything in it.
    There’s to much destruction,
    I don’t like it one bit.

    It touches my skin,
    The blood drips on the ground.
    The deeper I cut,
    The more blood all around.

    I know that I'm ready,
    To let it all out.
    I’m ready to die,
    I won’t scream, I won’t shout.

    The pain that I’m feeling,
    Doesn’t come from the blade.
    It comes from the wound,
    That you people made.

    These wounds are not visible,
    They’re inside my mind.
    But it is truly my fault,
    You fault you weren’t kind.

    I had pain built inside me,
    But not anymore.
    It’s gone with the blood,
    That’s spilled on the floor.

    I lay my head down,
    I put the blade on my desk.
    I’m ready for this,
    I’m ready for rest.

    You can no longer hurt me,
    I will no longer care.
    I take my final breath,
    I am no longer there.

    I always knew death was coming,
    But it was coming to slow.
    I could no longer hold on,
    I had to let go.

    For most life is to short,
    But mine was to long.
    I won’t say I’m sorry,
    I’m glad that I’m gone.