• When my only crime was to be alive,
    My emotions took a sudden plunge,
    Into the void where there is no return.

    Then someone came to help me,
    He took me by the hand and drew me to his realm,
    The flames around me hurt my skin,
    But it brought me pleasure.

    Looking back, I regret it now,
    Letting love melt away,
    To reveal where my "true" colors lay.

    I've hurt so many,
    I've loved so few,
    Is there now a path to return?
    Or shall I rot in Hell and burn?

    Looking up, I swallow my pride,
    I've realised my malicious ways,
    Wanting to return to the way I was,
    I reliquished my grip on the chaos.

    I've learned again to love and forgive,
    But I do often go back to where I've been,
    Two new someones came for me,
    Full of love and trust, I followed.

    A man and a woman,
    The Master and Mistress,
    The Lord and Lady,
    The God and Goddess.

    They saved me,
    They cared for me,
    And now I shall come home to them,
    Into their loving arms,
    On the day I am free of this world...