• The same old thing over and over
    The same old s**t it never stops
    The same old thing over and over
    It's poisoning all of my thoughts
    The same old rhyme the same old verse
    There's no more meaning in these empty words
    There's no more heart
    There's nothing at all
    There's so little spirit there's barely a soul
    No more thoughts are flowing
    No more ideas are growing
    Inside my head
    No more inspirations coming
    It's like my muse is dead
    It's just the same over and again
    It's hasn't changed I don't think it can
    But I need something different
    I need something new
    Something not so perfect something not ******** used
    It's just the same old lyrics just the same old words
    That I've used before
    For my own affect
    But now I need something not so perfect
    Something not so used
    Please God I need something new
    I've sinned and wronged and lied
    I've bled and fought and cried
    For my dream to become reality
    Only now it's crashing down around me
    Because I used the same old tactics
    Because I tried for perfect
    Because I didn't think of something new
    Something I didn't use
    Well what about this instead
    Instead of hate and fear
    Instead of love and death
    Instead of all my pain
    Instead of happiness
    Maybe I'll show some regret
    For trying to be perfect
    For not being new
    For using my emotions
    For being used.