• We're bound to fight.
    We're bound to get hurt.
    But in the end we're still gonna be in love.

    We're gonna hurt,
    and we're gonna cry.
    But I wont be the same since I met you.

    You're a part of my life now, and forever you will be.
    There's never a day that goes by;
    That you're on my mind.
    Even if it's "I wonder what he's doing.."

    That night, when i packed everything up
    I wanted to give it back to you,
    I wanted to say i was done.
    I didn't want to fight over you with my parents.
    You mean much more to me than they do.
    But that night, i wanted to call quits.
    I always give up,
    and that's why i make mistakes.
    I give up on whats best for me,
    and I take the worst.

    I promised always and forever with you.
    That's a promise I'm willing to keep.
    I've broken it before, but you know;
    I'm seeing the brighter part of this.

    Just to live your life like you've never done it before
    is the most amazing feeling in the entire world.
    You've made a difference in my life.

    You're weird, yes.
    But you're my kind of weird.
    You're smart yes,
    But there's an advantage to it too.
    You may think you're not good enough,
    But your perfectly fine in my eyes.