• As I walk down the street and look around
    I see you laughing and smiling
    You're having a great time
    Yet I stride right past you by myself
    And you couldn't care less.

    Once again I stroll down the street
    You're holding hands with your loved one.
    Who walks beside me?
    Nobody, and still I move forward.
    You refuse to notice as I suffer in silence.

    I walk alone every day
    Its as if I'm invisible, but I know I'm here
    I know you could see me
    If you tried
    Still you refuse and I carry on

    Day by day
    My invisible patience grows weary
    I long to be notice
    And loved
    And cared for
    Yet nobody will listen

    I'm just a voice, after all
    A disembodied voice.
    I'm not needed, nor am I here
    My words go unheard and unheeded
    And my pain will never leave

    No one loves me...
    No one cares...
    I've been forgotten by everyone
    All but myself
    Won't you please listen?