• The door
    its there
    hot as the Earth's core
    go grab it like a bear.

    Well here i go
    will I fall to the floor
    or will I follow the flow.

    I feel the heat
    but the door is cold
    I follow my feet
    the door starts to unfold.

    Just as I suspected
    the dreams I had respected
    I feel that cool air
    I am the heir.

    Is this my dream?
    Can I see the steem?
    Where is my plea?
    Is it small as a flea?

    I'm inside the world
    The world that starts to unfold
    Its getting so cold
    The dark becoming bold.

    The moon is red
    the sky is purple
    how i love my bed
    the wonders it holds.

    This was a great one
    on that foggy night
    But now i'm in a fright
    where can i run?

    This dream
    now a reality
    the fog is like cream
    i'm stuck in this dream.

    Help me get out
    but do i want to come out
    in my mystic relm
    only i can be overwhelmed.

    I may not be able to come back
    I hear them calling my name.
    Stay here
    its the only way to live.

    Just breathe in...out...in.....