• I'm losing myself in all that I've become.
    I can't stand you because you're all that I'm not.

    And now there's a hole where something once was. (2X)

    I now understand why it is that you loathe me.
    But I hold all our feelings in hostility.
    I could now say "I Love You"
    But then where would the honesty be.

    I won't leave you alone until you say....

    "I'll bury you face down.
    You'll never have to see me again."
    But I just want to hold you.
    Before all we could've had.
    Losing its composure, We compromise in your favor.
    Holding hands is so underrated at least until its over.

    We should have been together
    I'd be content with a teenage fling in the middle of summer.
    But my eyes betrayed me.
    Your beauty could never last forever.
    I felt like sending myself messages that are quite confidential.
    So honor my last request and leave me be.

    But when did we end up at the hospital.(2X)

    SCREAMO: I never wanted that night.
    But you're just a marketing ploy in the latest fashion trend.
    All you have to say is " Don't fall in love with me."
    I'm like a suicidal man, I just won't listen

    Love didn't work out well, did it Romeo.
    Just look at what poor Juliet had to go through