• Life Itself

    Just so everyone knows.This is just my outlook and opinion even thoughts about life itself, so if you have already begun reading this and have thought this is really stupid, why bother reading this trash well don't read it cause I'm not asking you to.

    ~This is what I been thinking about life lately.~
    Sometimes it may seem hard but we all have to get through it somehow, right? As I was thinking, I thought that there are alot more people who're just about like me. People who make mistakes and people who may sometimes wish to die, cause they have already given up on life itself. The question is "Why?" Why is it that you make mistakes but then all of a sudden, you just want to throw your life away. Have you ever thought that dying or suicide would make things in life any better or easier for yourself? Well, I too have thought this way and thought that running away from my fears and the way I been feeling would make the pain go away.Thing is, it didn't.Some people even hate their life because of family, maybe even friends, saying, "I wish or I hope they die." How do you think it would make you feel that the next day that particular person did? If you don't have an answer to that, it's like you're not even human.

    By now if you gotten this far, I'm surprised. I bet some of you are probably thinking,"What's this girl saying?" or "What is she trying to prove?" Maybe even "This is so dumb, I think I'm gonna burn my eyes out". Others may think that this was a waste of time to read. I do have a reason for writing this but you're gonna have to ask me yourself.

    ~My next topic might be a bit more interesting, I won't say what it is but I am expecting alot of criticism. But I think I might continue another aspect on this again "Life's what you make it" well maybe. ~