• This Is Classic
    I'm taking them back
    All the things that I've said
    This mental attack
    As you rot through my head.
    I'm walking away
    From the moments in time
    When I could hold you
    Like this all made sense

    Move on!
    Move On!
    Is The mantra in my mind.
    Get Gone!
    Get Gone!
    First and last thing I've said unkind!

    If I've said it once
    It's been a thousand times to you
    And ever since
    No other girl can fill these shoes!
    but your touch still lingers here
    Next to broken shattered tears
    Where my severed tongue
    and broken lungs
    will forever rest for you!

    Move On!
    Move On!
    Is The Mantra in My Mind!
    Get Gone!
    Get Gone!
    Is the Last Thing I've Said Unkind!

    This Is Classic!
    You're A Real Class Act!
    This is Classic!
    I'm Never Going back!

    This is classic!
    (Real Class Act)
    This is Classic!
    (Never going back)
    [Repeat until end]