• ok, here it goes...

    im walking down the street listening to my mp3

    "There Is Love Burning To Find You
    Will You Wait For Me?
    Will You Be There?"

    and i see her walking on the other side. so i look down hoping she doesn't see me. i turn my music down so i can hear if she says anything. a habit ive picked up.

    "I Watched You Walk Away
    Helpless, With Nothing To Say
    I Strain My Eyes
    Hoping To See You Again"

    i look at her through my bangs and i see her glance towards me. so i look down and walk faster. and i start thinking of what im going to do with my life. and whats wrong in it. like why im so shy. how im scared to go to school because she's there.

    "Your Silence Haunts Me
    But Still I Hunger For You"

    i think that if i change high schools. the problem will go away with the school. but it wont. i cant leave there because of her. but im scared. i start to shake when i see her in the halls. yet she totally ignores me. like im not there..

    "Still I Want
    And Still I Ache
    But Still I Wait
    To See You Again"

    my friends tell me to just forget her. but they dont know what love is. not really. so i just ignore them. and watch from a distance as i slowly die.

    "Dying, Inside, These Walls
    Dying, Inside, These Walls

    And I See Your Face In These Tears? In These Tears
    And I See Your Face..."