• Kyoto High School, May 12th

    Minoru Izuki walked through the filled hallways of his 4th-year high school to the last class of the day, Trig. The loud murmurs of others around him ring out unaudibly against the footsteps they make. When he gets to the class, only one person is there besides him. He takes a seat in the chair behind her and a few others pop in to the room.
    After another few come in, the teacher, Ms. Kuriro, walks in and takes a stand next to her desk. "Welcome to class, everyone," she says boredly,"I bet you all can't wait for the end of school this month."
    Everyone but Izuki and the girl groan. Minoru thinks, with a mischevious smirk,I wonder when she comes up with a question I can actually think to answer. After the girl takes a small sigh, she whispers,"My name is Tsukasa Ryuugai, it's nice to meet you."
    Taken off guard by her sudden statement, Minoru sits there staring into the back of her head for a second, then replies,"I-I'm Minoru Izuki, you have a beautiful name." Idiot!
    "Thank you for the complement," she whispers softly back. As the class wears on, he can't help but think of how alluring her voice is. He feels a hard kick in his shin, and stifles a yelp. Looking under his desk, he sees a scrap of paper. It reads:

    Meet me in the back of the school.

    After class was over, he grabbed his pack from his chair and walked from the classroom. He walked through the again crowded hallway of 4th-year students, to the familiar hall of 3rd-year students, and to the back door of the high school. No ne is usually out here, he thinks, no wonder she said here. When he got outside, the orange of the dying sunset was streaked across the sky. he saw a tree with the form of someone standing next to it. Walking over to the tree, he saw it was Ryuugai standing silhouetted against the light.
    "The sunset is never this beautiful," she murmured,"it seems like it waited for us to be here."
    "Yeah," Minoru replied awkwardly, wondering what she meant. Her pitch-black hair wound around her as she walked next to Izuki, took his hand, and kissed him on the cheek.