• Love me like you never want to let me go.

    Don’t be afraid, nobody will know.

    Just work with me, girl, it will be okay.

    There is a calling and we have to obey.

    It’s alright, babe, no need to rush.

    No need for words, just hush, girl, hush.

    I love how you always seem so shy.

    Being around you tends to make me high.

    Come on, love, I want to feel your skin.

    Lets just go ahead and commit some kind of sin.

    Easy there, girl, I won’t go too far.

    You have boundaries and I know where they are.

    Relax, take it easy, we will take it slow.

    Just kiss me until you feel the passion start to grow.

    It’s okay, love, if you want some more,

    Because you are the one thing that I absolutely adore.

    I love how I can always make you shiver.

    Just one touch and you start to quiver.

    One more kiss and your breathing starts to quicken.

    I can feel the passion in the air start to thicken.

    Take a deep breath and relax, sex isn’t on my mind.

    I just want to feel our two bodies intertwined.

    Lay here with me and just listen to my heart beat.

    I can still taste your kiss, it tastes so sweet.

    I wrap my arms around you as you sleep and rest.

    With you in my arms, I am truly blessed...