• in the dead of the night
    underneath the moonlight
    she waits
    elegantley poised she listens to the words of the fates

    they wisper to her promises they know they will never keep
    and in the darkness of despair all she can do is weep

    in the dead of the night
    the embodiment of pain
    is personified and ressurected
    in the form of meddling rain

    the down pour never ceases
    refusing to leave
    silently it fills her
    until she can barley breath

    until sorrow comtains her
    and she is addicted to grief
    consumed in a web of tangled lies

    in the dead of the night
    shes bathed in the light of the moon
    it washes over her translucent skin
    thoughts filled with fear surround her
    yet she can not move

    in the dead of the night
    they wisper lies and cold hard truths
    she will never win
    she has no choice but to lose

    in the dead of the night
    she cries a force she cant control
    from heaven she was sent
    if only just to fall

    now she sits and waits in sin
    a life no one should have to lead
    it brings hatred to a boil
    as it festers and it feeds

    silently she looks over her shoulder
    her skin a pale white
    she knows that he is here
    forever in the dead of night