• Darkness pulled me from the prison of light
    madness consumed me and came in control over my fright
    insanity came in my mind
    and killed my angel guard
    whisperings appeared in my head
    telling me that I've become the death
    I found the big kitchen knife
    and went to hunt but there was a strife
    in my head about one thing
    should I hunt a human being
    part of me said "No no no"
    but the other shouted "Go go go"
    I was about to lose track
    of reality as the whisperings went mad
    there was a little frisky kid
    that was playing with a stick
    the boy stopped and said 'Hello'
    now, lets say he can no longer bow
    young woman was crossing the street
    sweet! for dinner I ate fresh virgin meat
    my wife asked me if I was ok
    too bad .she got her heart sold on eBay
    sleeping was difficult though
    the whisperings still wanted to go
    every time they went mad
    I had to kill 'cause if I don't they'll be sad
    I was always walking on zig-zag
    'cause the damn clock was pulling my nerves with that crazy tic-tac
    heh, the cops got me ,what a surprise
    now they're searching for yellow pajamas my size