• silently screaming out for help crying in a corner i need help save me from my worse fear....me what have i become?
    i'm staying by you its like your a drug
    i'm addictied well baby listen up
    this isn't fun for either of us
    its like a roller coaster ride
    so hang on and prepare
    its almost time to start pulling apart
    getting away it will be hard but we can
    do it i'm ovr you but apart of me
    wants to keep you why oh why?
    you droped my heart i cryed why do i want you so bad.
    your like a drug i'm addicted
    some one cut us apart were stuck to each other like glue
    i can't breathe let go of me
    get a grip were done honey
    i want to get rid of you i really do but i can't leave you behind
    for some reason your like a drug
    i'm addicted.
    what is this feeling that i get when i'm next to you?
    i wanna cry but you laff at the sight of my tears
    i want to get away but you just follow why do you put me threw such pain?
    i want to leave but eventually we'll meet up agian
    thats wut my gut says
    i silently scream crying out for help
    i need to be saved from this nightmare
    i give up you give in i want to let go
    why do you hang on to me? you had your chance along time ago
    i let you go so say goodbye just like i am.