• Lay down next to me
    Hold my hand and close your eyes
    And fall into deep sleep
    Try to never wake up again
    Embrace your eternal dreams
    And they will hide you from reality
    So far away…
    To never let the pain to touch your soul
    Sleep my fallen angel
    Sleep, sleep forever
    Your silent cry that I hear every night , I have felt your loneliness
    And your soft tears you have weep and hide them inside your broken heart
    Let them fall,
    Let them drown inside my cold soul
    To taste your fears
    Feeling grace so deep inside you
    So deep that you are lost in the dark
    And yet again you surrender to shadows
    And you let yourself to fall in their embrace and you still let their cold touch to venom your soul
    Close your eyes and sleep my fallen angel
    Sleep, sleep forever in darkness
    To forget all memories that you always keep them in your pure heart
    Watching you how you burning them deep into aches
    I can still see into your eyes the sorrow,
    Sorrow you have never defeated
    So my little angel,
    Close your eyes and let my touch to cover all your wounds you have never healed
    Hush my fallen angel, sleep, sleep forever