• Most Used Words

    They're the most used words in the world,
    Everyone's used them once
    Except for because I lack the courage to say them,
    3 words, 8 letters.
    As simple as that!
    But it's the meaning that scares me.
    These words can open a whole new world,
    A world where there is no bad and all good.
    And it's to you who I want to say them to,
    I know I don't really know you but I feel I should say these words,
    It's not because you're good looking,
    but because when I first saw you I felt something,
    Something I haven't felt before,
    And when you look at me I know I shouldn't run and hide like I do,
    I know I should stay and pretend not to notice,
    And even after this strange feeling I have,
    I still can't bring myself to say those 3 simple words,
    with those 8 simple letters,
    But to tell you the truth I can't hold it in any longer.
    The fact is that............I Love You.