• If you could hear the voices in my head you would be scared.
    They tell me to do things that i dont want to do but i have to follow.
    The voices tell me what to say,what to do,and even how to react.
    The voices are scary and they tell me to do things to myself i dont want to.
    Theres no way to make them leave.
    Dont tell me im crazy because the last person to tell me im crazy, there car came up missing.
    They made me punch my best friend.
    Made me get drunk.
    Made me start cutting.
    Made me stop doing homework.
    Made me go annorexic.
    But the voices in my head are you.
    You want to call me names, you want to hit me, you want to make me cry.
    Well revenge is a b*tch!
    And i will get my revenge on everyone.

    ~this is what you get when you write hyper as heck!