• I'm walking through the forest
    Alone and confident
    On one path and not expecting a turn
    I come across a fork road
    Knowing which path to take
    He asked me to be his girlfriend
    And I knew my turn was NO
    But he didn't take it offensively
    He still didn't leave me alone
    Instead he was sweet
    And kind
    Uh oh
    I come across a fork road again
    For days and days i stood there
    Deciding which way to take
    Should i take yes or should i take no
    He smiles at me
    And even stares at me
    But at times he is such a jerk
    And it makes me take no
    But day after day another fork road appears
    Sometimes i choose yes
    Many times i choose no
    Still undecided which final path to take
    I just hope that day comes