• l once was strong, even though it's hard to see,
    and I remember who you used to be to me.
    No matter what I did, even I was a jerk.
    You came to me when I was hurt.
    And the world stopped one day and I was too sad to say,
    and you were away for the day.
    I was scared and I didn't know what to do,
    so I decided to say goodbye to you.
    It was a dumb mistake and now your gone,
    and I've got to try to go on.
    Not a day goes by I hear your name in my mind,
    and people say I've just gotta wait some time.
    Broken down I scream 'Where am I now?
    And what have I done, how will I get out?'
    People pass, they seem miles away,
    how could I live when I feel this way.
    No matter what I do there is sadness inside me,
    and no matter what it will always find me.

    I once was strong,
    I tried to make it easier for me.
    To push away and never let back,
    but you were the reason I was never that sad.
    And where am I now? Well if you can't see,
    I'm dying without you with me.
    And if the world was kind and the kindest hearts were strong,
    then you'd be the strongest of the all,
    and I'd have been gone at my own risk and lost you, so I can't miss at all.