• I fool everyone
    With my mask.
    They cannot see this,
    My sorrow.

    I fool everyone.
    They see just
    What I want them to.
    If they knew.

    I fool everyone.
    This veneer,
    It hides everything
    Behind false cheer.

    I fool everyone.
    No one knows.
    They look at my smile;
    Not my eyes.

    I fool everyone.
    Eyes and smile,
    They tell opposites;
    Happy and sad.

    I fool everyone.
    No one knows,
    Because if they did,
    It would show.

    I've fooled everyone,
    But I'm still sad,
    Because fooling everyone,
    Always works.

    I've fooled everyone,
    But my heart still cries.
    No one can see
    These tears that I hide.

    And I still fool everyone.
    They cannot see,
    How fooling everyone
    Is fooling me.

    The false smile hides
    What the eyes cannot.
    And no one knows
    Because I've fooled everyone.