• Climbing onward,
    Higher and higher.
    Nothing will stop me;
    I'll walk through Fire.

    Pass the Clouds,
    Into the Sky.
    They want to stop me,
    Just let them try.

    If I'm struck down,
    And return to the earth,
    I'll bide my time,
    And wait for rebirth.

    Epitome of soul-bound,
    They can't pull us apart.
    They can't win against Fate,
    Or the strength of my heart.

    We'll find each other,
    For it was meant to be.
    Written in the stars,
    Forever you and me.

    Lifetime after lifetime;
    I'll live through them all.
    Until it's my time'
    And I hear Death's call.

    Through all the elements,
    Wind, Sun and Rain.
    We'll meet in a kiss,
    Until parted again.

    We will not fail
    The Test of Time.
    Searching, searching
    'Til church bells chime.

    The Sun will beat down,
    But our love won't fade.
    We'll weather the Storm,
    Together in the shade.

    A heart stutters...
    We feel in our souls,
    The meeting must end,
    For whom the Death Bell Tolls.