• Broken Pieces
    Falling To The Floor,
    My Heart
    Is Never More.

    I Walk The Empty Streets
    Which Are Broken Just As Well,
    Wishing Someone Would Save Me
    From This Broken, Shattered Hell.

    I Try To Fix The Pieces
    To Put Them Back Together,
    But They Break Again
    At The Touch Of A Feather.

    Some Make It Better
    Yet Others Make It Worse,
    I Wish I Could Put An End
    To This Horrible Curse.

    I Do Horrible Things
    To People Who Care,
    Not Caring If They
    Won't Always Be There.

    The Pain Went Away
    Yet Somehow It Returned,
    This Will Never Stop
    Is Something I Though I Learned.

    But Then You Came
    Such An Inviting Scene,
    Like A Ray of Light
    A Warm Alluring Beam.

    You Know All My Flaws
    And Yet You Choose To Stay,
    Even Though You Know
    You Can Always Walk Away.

    I Know You Have Flaws Too
    But I Will Always Stay,
    And You'll Never Have To Worry
    About Me Ever Walking Away.

    We Spend Our Days
    Fixing Each Other Hearts,
    And Spend Our Nights
    Wishing We Weren't Apart.

    I've Never Felt This Way Before
    Can't Get You Out Of My Mind,
    If You Were To Leave
    The Same Love I Would Never Find.

    We've Been Through Good And Bad
    Yet By Your Side I'll Stay,
    I Love You More Than Anyone
    In A Special Kind Of Way.

    You Make Me Feel So Special
    Like I'm The Only One You See,
    This Is A Love People Wish To Buy
    No Matter What The Fee.

    I've Told Others My Love
    But Only As Friends,
    But When You Say It Back
    My Heart Tears Up At The Ends.

    And Now I Know
    This Is All True,
    And I Finally Meant It
    When I Said I Love You Too.