• When time of need's,
    She was there for me.
    in times i am down,
    She raise me up.
    Loving her,
    meant so much for me.
    now im alone,
    seeking for love.
    my heart is falling,
    and crying out loud.
    my life if fading,
    as i watch the sun goes down.
    seems just yesterday,
    she brought me home.
    knowing her more,
    made my love go strong.
    but now i see,
    she loves another.
    my heart cries hard,
    as i see her with him.
    now im here,
    laying down at home.
    with pictures and memory,
    of happiness and sad.
    as i walk my way,
    tears never stop.
    so now i see,
    that love kills me.
    slowly and hard,
    painful and sad.