• loneliness
    felling hurt
    wanting to die
    wanting to scream
    wanting to fly up high
    hurting others
    causing pain
    slowly dieing
    tears of pain
    wishing to better
    wishing to be free
    wanting to see angels
    wanting eternal love
    tears of joy and tears of pain
    missing the one who should be here
    nightmares and horrid thoughts
    wanting to be taught
    taught to be better
    taught to love
    wanting not to feel this way
    wanting not to cause pain
    running away form hatred
    running from the pain
    pretending to be happy
    when im really not
    keeping all the secrets
    keeping all the thoughts
    keeping all this hatred
    keeping all this pain
    thoughts that feel like acid rain
    a broken record of sham
    wanting to die
    wanting to scream
    wanting to be loved
    wanting to be held
    a broken soul of sham