• Across the river,
    Beyond the proximity of my misery, A
    Convention is held.
    Despite the pain and heartache.

    Eager to run around and
    Free from the parents strings, The
    Gala of animation
    Has finally arrived.

    Impersonators from left to right.
    Juviniells all in site. All
    Kin to the same

    Masquerade held within the ballroom.
    Navigating towards the light.
    Obliged to look into his eyes.
    Pacing to the beat. But
    Querry of the mood.

    Rave in the late night.
    Sally upon the dance floor
    Techno music in the air.

    Unable to fall asleep
    Vigilent to all the thoughts.
    Waiting on his call.

    Xanthroxylene lingered in the atmosphere, but he wasn't there.
    Yerning for his voice.
    Zonked of waiting for something, that was nothing