• In wind and wing,
    Lyrically weaving icy sting,
    Lurk Diminishing Pariah,
    My soon downfall, and sin,
    "I will clasp you in bitter end"

    Clandestines kept within womb,
    Shadow swelled to lilt in doom,
    Bloodied rose. midsummer bloom,
    To stay laid in tomb,
    Where soon I'd reside, due of swoon.

    Coming to me,
    Painted black Enigma promising love,
    Encircled by glyphs, casting light on she.
    Enigma was she, who sought stars above,
    Yet settled for less, for me.

    Revealed now, bewitching liar,
    Fettered in razors and cold barbwire,
    Leaking my sweetest wine, lifes' fire,
    To quench my thirst for revenge,To crumble my spire,
    To fill my gut with regret, and dousing desire.

    Gazing at lifeless, chained witch,
    Life I have taken so easily,
    Sipping upon her wine I stitch,
    And sew seams to memories of woe,
    "Oh how godly this blood silken cure of rich."