• ME is everything in myself
    And I can't live without ME
    `cause ME is my living thing
    And I want to stay ME forever

    It's so hard to handle and carry ME
    `cause ME is sometimes like a mist
    It seems that ME wants to exist for a while
    Eventhough the mien of ME is so shameful

    I want to change the milien of ME
    `cause it bothers me a lot
    And if only I have lots of wealth
    Maybe I can make all things possible

    But all I can do is to sit and sigh
    Seeing my silhouette full of fury
    Sometimes ME wants to quit
    But cannot get out of it

    How can I mingle ME and myself
    So that I can easily control them
    And I can do what I want
    To live life to the fullest

    I want to take off my mask in ME
    And show my real ME
    `cause I want to do everything right
    Without hassles and wannabees

    Everybody leaves a mess in my life
    That shattered all my promises
    If only I can turn back time
    Maybe I can see ME everyday in myself