• Silver Bells
    O Silver Bells
    Blesses the strong
    Blesses the well
    And once upon a full moon night
    When the moon is full and bright
    One can see the bells take flight
    Up on the tower chanting
    The Silver Bells chimes
    O' its gorgeous hymns
    How it can be enchanting

    And a poor beggar child
    Blind as a bat
    Alone on the streets
    Feasting upon pig fat
    Hears the bells
    O the Silver Bells
    He springs to his feet
    For one last journey
    To the Silver Bells
    O Silver Bells

    Frail fingers feeling
    Through a cobblestoned park
    Across a tree with splintered bark
    A head thats reeling
    Dizzy and tired
    A fast beating heart nearly expired
    With pig fat dripping
    And the Silver Bells chanting
    Slowly enchanting
    O' Silver Bells

    The child reaches the mighty doors
    And hears the bells from before
    With frail fingers begin upon door tapping
    While five stories up a rope begins snapping
    A bell keeper is drunk and out
    Unable to make the final knot
    Of the Silver Bell's rope
    Beginning to rot
    O Silver Bells rope is breaking
    In plain view
    But the child is as blind as a bat
    A following event he cant subdue
    The Silver Bells in mid chyme
    Lose their hold and ring for one last hymn
    And the moonlight makes the whole scene pale
    The beggar child lost with fingers frail
    And with the Crimson Bells
    O' Crimson Bells
    Morning day break washes its purpose away