• I was made to honor the sun.
    I was there when life on Earth had begun.
    I've seen changes in the planet below.
    I've seen dinosaurs come and dinosaurs go.
    I've seen the skies go from blue to black.
    When I saw the asteroid attack.
    Just when I thought it was the end.
    I saw life return again.
    Then like the spring of new birth.
    I saw the mammals walk upon the Earth.
    Then after millions of years I saw the invention of man.
    That's when I saw God's greatest plan.
    They multiplied like rabbits and spread far and wide.
    From the seas and rivers and mountain sides.
    Then as quickly as they came.
    They looked up to me and called me by name.
    Then their dreams came in one verse.
    Their dreams and desires to leave the Earth.
    Then their dreams became real as you can see.
    When two men came to visit me.
    Hope you come back to see me soon.
    When you look up at night and see me as the moon.