• I am still reaching out for a better day
    Before it comes
    I want to be ready
    I want to walk towards it with no regrets
    To not look back
    To stand my ground and say I deserve where I am about to go
    For all the tears that dripped
    And blood that has been spilt
    Let that day come soon
    And take away life’s misery

    The hero in me
    I want to be called
    I left and sacrificed my heart and soul
    The days go by
    No voice
    No meaning
    Just keep fighting
    Keep going
    To make a name for myself
    I want that day to come
    And take away life’s misery

    The white flag soars
    The cries of joy reach out to the heavens
    But before long
    The battle begins again
    This time
    Broken hearts cannot be mended
    Graves have been dug too many times
    The dreams shattered into a million pieces

    Its just a walk
    I tell myself
    A walk
    But it’s a walk that goes on and on
    The trail never stops
    The heart never beats
    Its just a walk
    A never ending walk
    Of life’s misery