• Every memory we have....
    was of us doing something ******** stupid
    as i look upon how retarted we once were
    i chuckle uncontrollably...

    we were hardly together
    because her mom got a restraining order
    for i was a creepy 18 year old psycho
    yet we snuck arround to hang out anyways

    your smell was horrible
    and i gave you some used deodorant
    and told you to shave your hairy ******** legs

    i was the stupider one for i looked like a prep
    yet still you listened to my filthy mouth talk s**t
    and let me fill your mind with brain washing lies
    its all only mortal make believe, even an immortal dies

    we've all made horrible mistakes
    but not like that crabby o' monday insident
    we screw and screw the six of us all
    even that one half jew XD

    four guys two girls, what a bunch of fags
    ah well, s**t happens thats how we learn
    it could have been worse, that phone conversation
    could have never dispersed xD

    i miss so many many things
    the stupid, they gay, the lamest of the lame
    swimming in that pool on sunny days
    that silent woman no one could ever tame XD

    the first time you left me to 204th
    cutting yourself like an emo
    and leading me to that fagget criss angel!

    Never mind ******** you for that lmfao not worth it XD