• I'm going to hell for you. I really am. Right to the worst circle of it.
    And it's all because of those damn Sins.
    First there's Sloth.
    The way I want to do nothing but sit and think about your face, your body, your voice.
    I'm a Glutton for your looks.
    I commit the sin of Greed for wanting to watch you and listen to you constantly.
    I can't help that; I blame the way the Gods formed your every perfect feature.
    Envy is the way I hate it when anyone else even looks at you.
    You are mine. I don't like to share.
    Lust? Don't even get me started on that particular sin.
    Remember Pride?
    Well I always thought that you would like me the same way I adored you.
    You left with that other person.
    Which brings me finally to Wrath.
    Because, the way I see it?
    If I can't have you... No one can.