• Thinking of days
    Long gone and passed
    Dreaming of moments
    That I wish had last
    More than just moments, more than just days
    Times that should matter
    Are lost through this haze.

    Wish I had known you
    When you wanted me
    Can’t turn back the clock
    Can’t change time, you see
    But you still have a crush, hopefully
    A false hope, I know
    It might be, maybe.

    I can’t stand the thought
    Ever missing you
    Ever losing sight
    Ever falling through
    This empty pit, this shattering ice
    Thinking of the words
    “Chances don’t come twice.”

    “Live without regret,”
    These words saved my life
    But not telling you this
    Is falling on knives
    Forget the drama, the truth, the lies
    I want only you
    I cannot write why.

    The paper is filled
    This poem is done
    Just remember that
    You’re the only one
    This poem is yours, and yours alone
    Keep it a secret
    Or let it be known.