• This Bliss Was Just A Facade.
    I Knew It All Along.

    But Now I See
    You Don't Need Me.

    You Deserve Better
    So Much Better...

    Because I Can Never Be
    What You Want Me To Be.

    Speak Up And Tell Me
    What The Hell Do You Want From Me?!

    I Can't Do This Anymore
    It's Not The Same As Before.

    Stop Playing Games With My Mind
    Stop Putting Me In This Bind.

    I've Had Enough
    Just Let Me Go

    Let Me Drown
    Let Me Burn
    Let Me Freeze

    In The Ocean
    Watch Me Sink
    Beneath Your Feet

    Inside The Fire
    Watch Me Melt
    Before Your Eyes

    Encased In Ice
    I Am Your Princess
    Stab My Heart of Cold

    September 19,2009